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04:59am 21/08/2011

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I won't be the one banging...I'll be banged ^^   
12:11am 20/10/2005
mood: curious
Yes, I've banged myself, and what an experience. After monthes and years of procrastianation, I whipped out the mini-shears and de-"Cousin-It"ed the front of my face, when all hair gets combed down, rather than off at angles with a side-part. I'll do before and after photos in a bit, I definately look like my mum to some extent now, wonder how that happened????

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To bang it or not to bang it   
12:39pm 10/11/2004
mood: contemplative
Everyday, I seem to dwell on the option of getting my front hair chopped into a nice set of bangs. I've spoken to numerous friends on this subject, and really, I've gotten anti-help from their department. If I stlye with bangs, it'll be much easier to care for that portion of my hair (for one, I have the option of setting them in curlers at night), but...if I do this, I lose some styling options, which means I won't be able to cover my left eye completely when I brush it straight down.

On a side-note, has anyone ever tried to look through the entire list at Quizilla? If I see another "R U Right 4 me", or "(girls only)" I'll...stare bitterly at the screen and give it the eyeing of a lifetime. And to ensure it doesn't counter-attack by blinding me with its multi-pixelated armoury, I'll wear my computer-glare reduction specs....Anyone can make a quiz, it takes a bit of effort to make it more than 3 questions long.

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And then...nothing much changes   
11:02am 05/11/2004
mood: contemplative
I haven't written a journal entry for nearly two years, and mostly dissappeared from the face of the planet for a nice while. But some things are new: I have a credit union account to put away extra paycheck money, do all my own laundry (very very fun and rewarding), get even more thoroughly mistaken for the opposite sex at work these days [newest customer greeting: "baby-cakes"] *smirk*. Yet, I'm still such a damnable moody bitch who's more socially adept at online speak than real life dillemmas (trust me, my lack of not-speaking in public means I talk people's heads off via IM...gladly, my friends accept this fact as a Kat-ism).

I'm making poetry again, and having those wonderfully mad dream episodes...well, like the brief one where I'm a school-girl that brings Sailor Moon R: the Movie to class, and notice that two other of my female classmates have brought the movies for S and Super S. TO which, we discuss which one is truly the best. Yet, after one asserts that S is her favorite, I tell the rest that R owns their souls; And surely enough, the others seem to consent, at which point we all burst out with a rather loud chorus of "Fiiiiiiooooooorrrrrrreeeee" (to those not familair: he are teh uba hotiez). But then again, that was one of my short ones that didn't involve weird feats of chasing down two-timing mer-bishies (teaser: it was all for naught in the end, he married an eletric bass, and seemed more than content in making out hard with it).

Oh, news. I finally opened that mystery e-mail since I'm at the school lab right now and not worrying about virusing my personal Dell-crap. This is the eleventeeth-hundreth time someone's contacting me about roleplaying as Wolfwood from Trigun, thanks to that little profile I left in my AOL account, to which I eternally forgot how to edit...yet, maybe I don't want to. I gave them the address to Darkling, where maybe we could RP in a different manner. Hope they take that offer up, many people have been leaving lately, and traffic is way slow.

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03:44pm 16/10/2003
mood: drained
Well, I am officially a screw-up. I actually did write my journal entry for my Alternate Sexualities class and planned to turn it in on time...but I packed lightly this morning, arrived later again, and found that the one sheet of paper that I had packed was actually instructions for my Psalms quiz ~.~

Ok, so I didn't do my Medieval Lit paper that was due today also, so that's on my agenda of things to e-mail to the teachers before Mid-terms are due in. Next on my agenda, I decided to sacrifice my American Lit class (which also had a huge paper due in today, which I also didn't do) to get a nap at the home bed. Ok, so now I was all set to write the take-home quiz for Psalms that's due in an hour, and then I realized something...I needed my syllabus to answer the questions (if you recall, I packed lightly this morning, so its not in my bag at the moment). Guess I could skip that class too...because that's basically the whole focus of today's class, and I've all ready suffered through one of those previously...

Well, I could blame all this on my work schedule, procrastination, and online activites. I keep falling alseep in my Lit classes because I don't get enough down time between classes and work...and my advisor is starting to worry. On the other hand, I'm kicking serious arse at the cosmetics section at my work (I'm the official make-up boy now *smiles*). Ya, so despite all this non-school workingness, I do intend to still graduate from college on time. THough, I am a junior, and I still don't have a clue what I want to become yet o.O

Papers to Write:
-Pysch Essay and Web-Critique
-3 Response essays for Med Lit
-4 page analysis paper for American Lit
-Multiple-paged Take-home exam for Psalms

...ewwwww, my mouth is dry again, bleack
07:36pm 11/08/2003
mood: impressed
Its good to bond with the old crew again. I think I'll take a vacation from Kyokou Geemu for a while and hang around Darkling. I made a new RP character (one that I can actually work with this time). Roni nsaid she would draw Keichi for me *cackles*

This is fun.


What kind of girl do you want?
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Cobwebs...everywhere o.O   
10:48pm 04/08/2003
mood: Meh
Definately noticing a lack of dust (seeing as how no living beings have exfoliated dried skin cells in my absense).

I'm just taking a few quizes and scooting, 'scuze the laziness...type

You are Black
What color are you? (Anime Pictures)

brought to you by Quizilla

Saxy *woof*

Athena Asamiya
Athena Asamiya

What King of Fighters character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yes, yes, yes. Kat is Athena, didn't you know that ^^

I'm a Philosopher/Scientist!

Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You?

Take More of Robert & Tim's Quizzes
Watch Robert & Tim's Cartoons

Actually, I'm Non-theist (does that count as the same thing?)

Maybe if I find stuff to talk about, Kat will return...or maybe not...

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12:53pm 13/02/2003
mood: crappy

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09:28am 06/02/2003
mood: confused
I seem to have a new-found inspiration to do my homework once again (I'll be sure to start tonight *shifty eyes*)

Jacq is inviting a crew from Kyokou Geemu forums down to Ontario for an entire week in early June. On the agenda will be much much DDRing (aka watch kity make an utter arse out of himself, whilst dressed in perky outfits) and something about drinking, but like I would even put fire-water to my lips to begin with >p

Lemme see....Jacq, Ash, Luchs, Hikari, Nalan, Animom, Yukie, and myself would make 8 people; So, most likely two cheap hotel rooms to split us in half. This would soooo be my very first real vacation that I would take...ever, so I'm excited as Hel. Just stash away a bit more cash, work out a summer-school schedule that accomodates the timing, and get good grades, and I should hopefully be set.

In other news, I did beat Brahms last night on Valkyrie Profile. I mainly went in there to get the Guts scroll that I found on the Normal version, but it wasn't there on the Hard one. I figured since I only had like 40 seconds remaining that I should test him out once again (seeing as how I fought him way too early in the previous game). Went through my entire supply of magic crystals, obtained very little experience, and had no closure after the battle...I wonder what gonna happen because of this???

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Kitty's poor arse   
08:54am 29/01/2003
mood: sore
Ok, so it is definately NOT a good idea to try and walk right away after your foot has been asleep for more than 10 minutes.

scene from Kat's bedroom this morning:
"I'm coming, I'm up, I'm....*thud*"

Well, it was only the left cheek, but it doesn't feel sore anymore, so everything's fine.

What type of manga are you?

brought to you by Quizilla
(the first time, it gave me Mecha; I guess I wasn't clear enough with my answers)

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"Hi, my name is Matt; All your pads are belong to Kat, nyu!"   
08:30am 27/01/2003
mood: rushed
Ok, so I might have a bit of a buying-impulse problem. I got one of those un-official DDR mats for Crissy (the Mad Catz one), but its always slipping, so I decided to get some new ones. I totally blame Omi for introducing me to the wonderful world of Ebay (I think I'm addicted @.X). There was like 30 minutes remaining on this one pair of DDR mats with flashy lights around the edges ( $9.99), so I went ahead and won the auction for 9.99 (plus 15 s&h). I sorta felt like I made a little mistake in my selection, because it didn't specify "non-slip", so I might just be getting a pair of mats with the same problem as my first one; But, I'm getting two mats for the price of just one, so it shouldn't matter too much.

To make my money-spending habits worse, I found that I can buy a set of metal arcade-replica style gamepads too. Those cost about 3-4 times as much, but they would be soooooo very much aresome.

Also, I did win the auction for the factory-sealed DDR playstation game (original one, mwar). Omi called me nuts for proxying up to 66 dollars, but I wasn't about to let someone steal my Butterfly for the second time. As expected, someone lamely tried to outbid kitty and failed miserably, gyahahahahaha. If you think that you can outbid me by raising the bid by a mere $6.52 at the last second, you are WRONG!!!! (it was at $31.00 when I proxied).

No quizzies today, I couldn't find any good ones.

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Icky after-tastes >P   
01:35pm 23/01/2003
mood: mellow
We did this prompt today in Journaling class. Amanda handed out bags of random fruits and veggies and we were supposed to feel and taste em and write down what we perceived in our journals. I have a new-found inspiration to stay away from strange foods for a while.

First mystery food: Cauliflower...ICK!!!! It took forever to get that single sprig to go down my throat-hole
Second myster food: Grape, I think; It was round like an egg and kinda squishy. Not much of a taste, but that outside skin had a horrid aftertaste.
Third mystery food: Pear slice. Definately the tastiest of them all, because it didn't have a taste at all. It was just sorta "semi-moist".

Well, afterwards I went to the cafeteria to try and wash out the nasty tongue flavors, but they did a rather horrid job of cooking today. A crusty waffle and two pieces of hardened spiced bread. I TRULEY felt like a dern peasant today ;.;

Actual part of a conversation I overheard in the cafeteria: "Eeeeeewwww, that's disgusting...how can you eat something like that"

My words exactly ~.~

Which Utena guy are you?

brought to you by Quizilla
(I'm virginal, have short blue hair, and totally look femmey...YAY!!!)

..But why does question #1 scare me O_O

Which Utena girl are you?

brought to you by Quizilla
(Kitty's been available for 20 years *cries*)

Which Utena couple are you?

brought to you by Quizilla
(*sniffles* Awwwwwwwwww!!!)

note to self: consider buying this series

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I'll prove you worng, Omi!!!!   
08:56am 22/01/2003
mood: bitchy
grrrrrrrrrrrrr, no more Farn, I'll retake that quiz right now.....

I'm Farn!

Find out which Seraphic Feather character you might be here.
Manufactured by miharu of shoujorobot.com.


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09:15am 17/01/2003
mood: sleepy
Distraction guards the key
To the door of Quell

Make drunk those that mind
Drug those that question
Tranquilize those that see

Deny that force so close
To seek an unsure deity

Factless notions are not welcomed here
Don't come knocking with unclouded eyes

You endanger my precious scapegoats
You wretch, queer, simpleton

This ancient text
My inner-most desires of another
My slow poison to numb my soul

Tramp, heretic, treasonous fool
My father warned of people like you

Well, kitty's kinda bored, tired, and...zzzzzzzzzz (ok, just tired).

Paycheck today, and I still need to go shopping (at other places besides work) Although, I really don't mind the whole liquidation hair supplies and make-ups, nope nope. I literally come home with more stuff every night. I just bought this hair supplement (normally 30 bucks a bottle, now 9). I'll see if it makes my hair prettier or not.

The In-depth, Psychological Utena Female Character Quiz

brought to you by Quizilla

(intriguing, I should watch this series one of these days)

What Kind Of Evil Bitch Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

(a witch that will be killed by a damned dirty robot, mind you, grawl *wiggly fingers*)

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Don't moo on me   
08:59am 16/01/2003
mood: okay
Go figure, kitty like actually studied for this quiz the other day *GASP* It doesn seem to help.

Did you ever get the feeling that you could see the deeper meanings and truthes of "reality" for a period of time. I went to a restaurant to eat last night, and I saw more than anyone there. I saw gluttony, abuse, disease, and psychological chains of bondage. Old and middle-aged people were consuming bovine flesh or overly-spiced entrees of varying degrees of nausea. A woman told her young daughter that she could get the Beanie Baby she wanted only IF she ate all of her supper. Waitresses went about, garbed in tightly fitting slacks and skirts, a forced-look of contentment on their faces.

I stood amidst all these people, yet felt utterly alone in the room. The stereotypical American occupied this dining hall, and I wrinkled my nose in disgust.

Later on that night, mum and I went shopping at Meijer's. I suddenly realized that I was no longer a part of the "male world", as they call it. All the slacks, and sports sweaters and jogging pants seemed so bland and unimaginative, almost as if they cared nothing of how they looked. The pictures of male models showed unkempt, dry hair and unshaved bodies with unshaped eyebrows. Do they care what they do to their bodies? Do they want to end up obese and bald by the time thet're 30? They fail to see what is around them, and thus fail to see the results of such courses of action.

One thing I've concluded about hair: It's a frickin Aqua-philiac. Its the most moisture-fetished part of our body. It needs to be wetted and allowed to breathe, not choked by XTREME hold sprays of spiking hair gels. Hair has its essense, its own needs. Take care of it, and it will take care of you. To grow hair long and pay it notice is "female" in this world. I'm glad that I don't care about such trivial homophobic matters.

What Eylen character are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

You're Eylen!
Determined to keep going, no matter what is thrown at you, you have a pretty level head. Although you're past is kinda rocky, you're not gonna let anything control you now. Need to work on that flying though...what a mess...

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Well, if Omi can do it...   
08:39am 15/01/2003
mood: artistic

I'm taking a bunch of journaling courses, anyways, so a third one can't hurt.

Kitty's new school schedule:
-Eastern Religions (I'll mildly pay attention to this one)
-Writing Poetry (write about how I despise humanity...sure, no problem *whips out anthology of rants*)
-American Lit: post Civil War (I read, I comment, no big deal)
-The Journal (I....write a journal o.O)
-Developmental Psych (learn about what makes us who we are...for the average human, that is)

I have been trying a bit harder this semester, but then there's the constant distraction of that sweet PS2. I'm gonna have to buy one of those portable screens, so I can play it in my room whenever I want. That way, I'll beat Gauntlet Dark Legacy within a night and move on to playing Valyrie Profile and Castlevania: SOTN.

Speaking of distractions and such...

Which Guilty Gear X character are you?

(...wow O_O The funny thing is, this was the first character I chose to play when I first bought the game. I need to get another copy, still [mine still freezes] )

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Vacation around te corner   
11:59am 10/12/2002
mood: groggy
Finals are almost done. I took my Computer one yesterday. I really don't care how many points my teacher takes off, I hate all that perfection stuff, anywho. He helped me complete this one part (cost me 5 points), only to fix the word "Or" to "And" and add in something that you would only know if you had no life. I did all the basics in learning Database, so I'm happy.

Oi! On a brighter note, my last two shouldn't be tough at all. I just have to....study o.O

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

(DAMN STRAIGHT!!! Goth is not something you seek out or have fun with becoming, peoples; Guess that makes kitty a pure-bred goth *sarcastic cheering*)

Where Did Your Soul Originate?

brought to you by Quizilla

(I lurve this artwork, creepy)

(Snuzzle Kitty)

Finals Next Week *unsure glee*   
08:52am 05/12/2002
mood: apathetic
Nah, twill be fine. I only have three and one is the Intro to Computers one (easy enough for me to understand). I soooo lurve my Creative Writing teacher for that kick-arse class. In fact, it almost wasn't like a class at all; You just write poetry and short stories and plays all semester (whether their completed or not) and you get a passing grade (no final required either and we didn't even crack open the boring textbook once).

Aaaaannyways, I should start to study and spend less time on here until I'm over and done with them. Then I can totally spend all day on Darkling and work on that Harry Potter RP.

Quiz, Quiz, Quiz....

Which Love Hina Girl Are You?
(Oh dear! Are you even sure you answered the questions correctly?) Underneath your confused exterior, you hold fast to your certainties and seek to find the truth about the things you don't know. While you may not be brimming with confidence and energy, you are content with who you are and accepting of both your faults and the faults of others. But while those around you love you deep down, they may find your nonchalance somewhat infuriating. Try to put a bit more thought into what you are doing, and be more aware of your surroundings.
Which Love Hina Girl Are You?

Which Fushigi Yuugi Character Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla
(note: I expected as much)

P.S. Did me ever tell you that kitty were called "gay" fer the first time IRL ever O_O. This loud obnoxious guy comes stumbling around (is there any other breed of male, I swear) and kinda stops in his tracks, asking me "Do you like men?" After that he walks away and starts laughing at the top of his lungs "That nigga is gay as heeeeeellll!!!" I just sorta smirked and walked away like nothing happened. This actually totally made my day, oddly enough. I mean, I was wearing my plain day-old laundry attire, nothing special, and hadn't shaved for a few days, so I did NOT consider myself overly-flambouyant on that particular day.

Well, time to finish up the semester.

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The days go on, but the nights are better O.   
08:23am 21/11/2002
mood: content
Well, I set out to what I wanted to do yesterday. Oh, but before that, I must admit that I was soooo happy when I got my order from CardHaus in te mail. Lots of nifty Yugi cards for my Amazoness deck, some of the Volume Boosters (as in, the totally original series of cards), and an Anime Life-Counter for my future Magi-Nation escapades.

Oi! I watched this interesting werewolf movie last night (Ginger Snaps). It sorta reminded me of Carrie at some parts, with the whole "curse of blood" and all. The most memorable moment would have to be the part where that one guy has a period o.O (watch the movie if that statement intrigues you in the least amount) *cackle*. I think all men should bleed when it gets to "that time of the month". Oi! Male tampons *falls off chair laughing*.

What Weird Quote Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla
*GASP* I do NOT; those questions were so unfair >_<

Which Utena girl are you?

brought to you by Quizilla
I really should watch this series; It sounds l33t.

(was there any ever doubt, nya?)

(Snuzzle Kitty)

09:05am 20/11/2002
mood: groggy
my eyes are itchy *rub rub*

Something weird did happen the other day though. I was talking to Omi right before I went to Fiction class about my twitchy eyelid. He said that it was a sign of good fortune whenever his left eyelid twitched, only my right one was twitching at the moment, so I expected the opposite. (ph33r long overly comma'ed run-on sentences like that). Anywho, it actaully turned out that I got a high C on that test I mostly BS'ed all the way through; Teacher even gave me a wink when I made a comment about the story we were discussing at the time. I guess things work the opposite way for kitten.

Quiz time, again (Arigatou, Ronin)

Visit this and other SelectSmart.com selectors:
Which Yu Gi Oh! Character are you?
Created by Kitzaku-san</b>

(odd, seeing as how I'm still stuck in the second season, as of right now; can't comment too much on him other than...nice pants o.O)

You are a solumn, stubborn, calm and quiet person who displays attraction towards hyper and genki people. You tend to hide your inner and true feelings and prefer to use verbal irony instead of being direct. You are good at what you do but when it comes to love, you couldn't be less clueless. XD

Which Gravitation Character Are YOU?
Take the quiz at Dare to Dream

(GAKU!!!! it's twue *sobbies*)

How seme are you?

brought to you by Quizilla
(Herr Kitty ist not der Nazi, die Zweidlebaucher! NEIN!!!!!!!!!)

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